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On behalf of Willis Junior High School, I want to thank you for your time and dedication working with our students.  As I reviewed the discipline data, I noticed that the Thrive program had a positive effect on students.  The first year you brought the program to Willis was the 2018-2019 school year.  You were on campus at least 4 days a week so every student had the opportunity to learn your story and learn the outcomes from the Thrive program.  This stood out the most:

  • After you taught the Thrive Resilience Program for Teens the first quarter, we saw a 66% reduction in suspensions for substance abuse.

That is when we knew we definitely had to have you back for the 2019-20 school year.  In 19-20 you again came the first quarter to deliver the curriculum.  At the time, we were experiencing a high number of students using vape products on campus.  Our suspensions for vape tobacco were at an all-time high.  By the end of the second quarter the data showed this:

  • A 40% reduction in Vape (tobacco) suspensions.

Thank you once again for this valuable program that truly steered our most at risk students back on the right path.  We home to partner with you and the Thrive program in the near future.

Brett Epstein

Assistant Principal
Willis Junior High
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You have truly taught me so much in life. I have learned to calm down so much and I have not been stressed out in so long. I love the way you teach. I finally feel like I have value. Thank you so much!

“R.O.” (Student)


You have taught me a lot since you have been here. Taught me how to relieve stress, express my emotions, and make good decisions. I will take this advise you gave me and use it further in my life!

“K.J.” (student)


Thank you for coming and helping us with the information you gave. I use it when I am feeling stressed or hurt.

“Y” (student)


You gave me new ways to stop from erupting & crying 24/7.  Thank you so much. I genuinely mean it.

“D.V “ (Student)


The breathing exercises helped me in some sad, scary times in my life and they calmed me down.

“Rossy” (Student)


Thank you for coming to our class.  I do struggle with a lot of things that we went over like anxiety & a little depression. When people shared things I could relate, even though I didn’t talk I listened.  I learned a lot about others and myself.

“J.C” (student)

I had the privilege of facilitating the Thrive curriculum this past fall/winter at Willis Junior High School. At first I was a little skeptical about following a curriculum format because it does not give you room to actually deliver a message you are just reading from a book to the kids and with teens you just can’t have that. Thrive gives you the opportunity to make the lesson your own, therefore as an instructor you are highly invested in the lesson that you are about to deliver. Once you are invested the teens become invested and you go from a facilitator to a difference maker and that is what I felt every time I stepped into that classroom with the kids and the teacher. I also feel like the recap portion of a lesson before you start a new lesson gives a chance to properly close a lesson and introduce the new one so it just flows perfectly. I really enjoyed teaching Thrive and would highly recommend this curriculum

LaTroy Burras (Youth Programs Coordinator ICAN)

May 13, 2020

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in reference to the THRIVE program – designed and implemented by Ted Huntington. For the past two years, we have utilized the program at Willis Junior High School and have found it to be a very effective resource for our students.

Willis has a very diverse student population who have had a wide variety of life experiences – many that have resulted in social-emotional challenges for our kids. The THRIVE curriculum has been designed to engage students in conversations about topics that are relevant and critical for adolescents. THRIVE focuses on helping students understand critical challenges they face on a daily basis and provides them with concrete (research-based) strategies for meeting these challenges.

Our students participated in THRIVE through an intervention period we have in place that allows us to take the time to address executive function and social emotional skills. Feedback from our students indicated that they found the presentations and discussions engaging and helpful. Students were provided with materials related to each topic that helped them organize their thoughts and served as an appropriate level of structure/scaffolding for their learning. In addition to the lessons that Ted taught, the curriculum was designed in a way that allowed our teachers to follow-up and provide students with additional opportunities for discussion and enrichment.

In short, THRIVE has been a very effective program for our school – well received by students, staff members, and parents. We appreciate the support from Ted and will continue to utilize his expertise as well as the THRIVE curriculum.


Jeff Delp


Ted Huntington and his associates have strong collaborators for our school's Health and Wellness program. He is always willing to attend meetings in which we discuss the best way to tackle substance abuse with teens and substance abuse awareness. He has developed an evidence base curriculum that we are planning to implement with our school community to help prevent and discourage the use of substances. Additionally, he has facilitated many professional developments for our staff members to help bring awareness to the growing national epidemic of Vaping. He has been an amazing resource that we fully plan to continue to partner with in our coming adventures.

Marguerite Brown
Assistant Principal
Mesquite High School



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