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ABOUT – Emotional Intelligence (EI)




  1. Overview of Emotional Intelligence (2hr class)

This training is designed to provide an overview and introduction of the fundamentals Emotional Intelligence.

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 Overview of Emotional Intelligence (2hr course)


2. Emotional Intelligence (EI) 101 4hr course

For more of an in-depth focus, in addition to the fundamentals of EQ we explore:

  • The “Mind Model”, how emotions are processed, thought patterns and brain change (changing thought patterns)
  • Toxic Stress and their physiological and psychological effects.
  • The C.A.R method of Coping – Assessing – and Responding in a healthy and solution focused manor.
  • Communication & verbal De-escalation techniques
  • The “Flow of Communication” theory.

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) 101 4hr course


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