“ELEVATE” Prevention & Diversion Program

Easy to use – Effective – Restorative Justice Themed!   

Great for:

  • Schools and Youth serving organizations
  • Teens and families who desire the Strengthen their communication and become Empowered with Tools & Resources to avoid high risk behaviors!

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Course includes:

    • 15 Student lessons and 12 Parent / Guardian topics
    • PDF Student Workbook (fillable & downloadable eBook)
    • Quizzes to insure understanding- Completion Certificate

Lessons led by Prevention Program Specialist


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Our desire is to provide Tools & Resources for Students and Families
Program Overview:

“ELEVATE” is an Evidence & Trauma Informed, Restorative Justice themed, inter-active course designed to empower teens and parent / guardians with knowledge & tools to divert High Risk Behavior and thrive in today’s culture.  Thrive provides Prevention and Early Intervention methods for teens experiencing experimental & mild to moderate vape (e-cigarette) and substance use along with addressing challenges that lead to unhealthy behavior.


The “ELEVATE” model incorporates family attachment & management through designed break-out sessions that specifically focus on the teen and parent / guardian, along with intentionally promoting interaction & engagement of the course subject matter.



ORDER NOW! English Version


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Program Information



  • Most effective for ages 12 - 17
  • Diversity and Inclusion focused to include all audiences
  • Used by School Districts  – Youth Serving Organizations & Coalitions!
  • Effective – Engaging – Empowering



Topic Include

  • Managing Expectations of Course for self
  • Greatest Challenges - Getting Real
  • Influences
  • Communication with Parent / Guardians
  • Validation
  • Passions / Interests & Goals
  • Communication Activity
  • Understanding Behavior
  •  Identifying Emotions / Triggers
  • Coping Techniques
  • Support Systems
  •  Risk & Choices
  • Active Responsibility
  • Substance Misuse & Stages of Addiction
  • Real Testimony
  • Addressing Greatest Fears
  • Risk and Protective Factors
  • Reasons for High Risk Behaviors
  • Teen Influences
  • Communication
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • Substance Use- What to look for
  • Validation- 5 Love Languages
  • Student – Parent / Guardian Communication Activity
  • Substance use - Lesson Introduction
  • Teen Substance Misuse Overview & 5 Stages of Addiction
  • Real Testimony from a Real Teen Experience

Projected Outcomes:

  1. Reduce Substance Use
  2. Enhance Decision Making and Problem-Solving Skills that Inspire Healthy Alternatives to Risky Behaviors.
  3. Empower Greater Self-Esteem & Confidence
  4. Improve Teen - Parent / Guardian communication


(90% Reduction in Substance Related Offenses & 90% Reduction in Tobacco / Vape related offenses after course completion – Willis JR High, Chandler, AZ)