Training Objective:

The objective of this lesson is for each individual to understand an overview of Emotional Intelligence, how the 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence work together along with learning tools to improve personal emotional health and enhance overall performance.

Learning Objectives- At the end of the training the individual will:

  •  Learn the definition and dynamics of Emotional Intelligence (EI).
  • Learn the aspects of the four domains of (EI):
    • 1. Self-Awareness
      • the ability to see yourself clearly and objectively through reflection and introspection.
    • 2. Self-management
      • our ability to manage our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions in a conscious and productive way.
    • 3. Social Awareness
      • the ability to understand the emotions of the people you deal with
      • to empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures
    • 4. Relationship Management
      • our ability to communicate clearly, maintain good relationships with others, connect with those from other cultures, work well in teams, and manage conflict.
      • relies on your ability to use the other three areas of EI to manage relationships effectively.
  • Learn elements of interpersonal Communication
  • Focus on Self Care and provided with Action Plan Tips for empowering their (EI)

Who should attend the training:

(Inclusive & culturally competent approach)

  • Everyone who wants to enhance emotional regulation, resilience, communication, cooperation, and performance.
  • First Responders, Public Safety, Security, etc.
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Non-Profit
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • Faith Based Organizations

Training Details

  • Typically designed to be a 2hr block.
  • In person or a live virtual instructor provide best results.
  • Certificate of training upon completion of the course.


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Cost: (Note: travel expenses may incur for in-person training)

Our pricing varies according to the delivery method you choose, the number of days/sessions our trainer is working with your team and how many people we will be attending, amongst other factors. Please contact us for an estimate.


This training is designed to provide an introduction & overview Emotional Intelligence.

For more of an in-depth focus see our 4h “Emotional Intelligence (EI) 101” training where we explore:
  • The “Mind Model”, how emotions are processed, thought patterns and brain change (changing thought patterns)
  • Toxic Stress and their physiological and psychological effects.
  • The C.A.R method of Coping – Assessing – and Responding in a healthy and solution focused manor.
  • Communication & verbal De-escalation techniques

For more information click here: Emotional Intelligence (EI) 4hr course

Contact US to get more information and set up training.

Contact us for Group or bulk orders and discounts!


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