Empower your Teen with tools &


resources to “THRIVE” in Today’s



The official “THRIVE” Resilience Program for Teens curriculum 

(facilitated to thousands of teens across the country in a variety of school districts)

transformed into a dynamic and engaging E-Course!         

 $49.99    Program -  Single Purchase           



Course includes:

    • 9 lessons - Full THRIVE Program
    • PDF Student Workbook (fillable & downloadable eBook)
    • Quizzes to insure understanding- Completion Certificate

Lessons led by Prevention Program Specialist


Suggested package for ultimate benefit

(E-Course + Hard Copy / Printed version )

Purchase the Single copy- Student Workbook or E-Book (Printable version) to accompany the E-Course.  Order Hardback copy
For teens to maximize their learning experience – purchase the printed hard copy for your teen to use as they go through the E-Course !


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Our desire is to provide Tools & Resources for Students and Families
Program Overview:

 “Thrive” is an Evidence & Trauma Informed inter-active course designed to empower teens with knowledge & tools to thrive in today’s culture.  Thrive addresses the challenges facing high school teens with a focus on the Risk and Protective factors that promote positive choices and healthy habits.

The “Thrive” model is intentional about creating a positive atmosphere that addresses unhealthy behavior while encouraging the participants to see their value, focus on solutions and internalize healthy lifestyles.

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  • Most effective for ages 12 - 17
  • Diversity and Inclusion focused to include all audiences
  • Used by School Districts- School Resource Officers – Youth Serving Organizations & Coalitions!
  • Effective – Engaging – Empowering



Topic Include

  • Stress & the Body
  • Identifying Emotions
  • Sense of Purpose—Strength of Character
  • Influence
  • Risk & Choices
  • Optimism
  • Taking Active Responsibility
  • Substance Misuse & Just the Facts.
  • Resistance Skills

Projected Outcomes:

  1. Reduce Substance Use
  2. Enhance Decision Making and Problem-Solving Skills that Inspire Healthy Alternatives to Risky Behaviors.
  3. Empower Greater Self-Esteem & Confidence


(66% Reduction in Substance Related Offenses & 40% Reduction in Tobacco / Vape related offenses after course completion – Willis JR High, Chandler, AZ)